October 2008

Amateur euro tour

You know, relationship changes between wife and husbund during their vacation. On the seashore your sensations become more sensitive and you can have sex and unbelievable things: to have role-playing game, have bsdm. look at this couple - they decide to become exhibitionists. Nice public nude pics :-)

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Wife’s ass and pussy

This woman looks like a amateur wife but I she can be a pro. She have cool milf body and breasts. I found her pics in a forum with a bunch of other amateurs. Thus I am going to assume she is an amateur. If anyone happens to know if she is a pro and can point me to more pics of her then I will remove this series. Enjoy.

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Hardcore sex in the kitchen

Hot couple have a sex at their kitchen. Nice fantasy. It’s very popular among young couples. During first 3 years they have sex everywhere. In the kitchen, in the bedroom, on board the plane, on the ceiling of their house, everywhere. But sex on kitchen’s table is more popular. You put your wife at the table, spread her legs wide and enter inside her deep for full length of her cock. Amateur sex in the kitchen is hottest scene of married people.

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